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"We hired Cincinnati Tree Trimming & Removal Service to do some tree cleanup and removal and they certainly outdid themselves. The quote they gave us was affordable. Plus, the crew completed the job in three hours with stellar results. We will definitely use them again in the future! Thanks again!"
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Pro Tree Removal Services

Large and small tree removal
Emergency tree removal
Tree cutting, root removal, stump grinding, and land clearing services

Advanced Tree Care & Trimming

Tree cabling and bracing
Pruning, trimming, planting, shaping
Disease treatment and pest control

Knowledgeable Arborists

Highly-educated in tree services
Licensed and insured, certified arborists
Locally owned and operated in Cincinnati area

Cincinnati Tree Trimming & Removal Services - Safety & Satisfaction Are Our Top Priority!

Tree service in Cincinnati isn't a job that everyone can handle. Did you know that tree service specialists are employed in one of the country's most dangerous career fields? Our tree removal company is aware of the risks, and we take the extra steps to keep our employees and clients safe.

With over two decades spent working on tree cutting, tree removal, and land clearing, the methods for completing the job correctly come like second nature to our crew. We never skip steps or rush through a project just to get on to the next location. It's not responsible, and more importantly, it's not safe. Have peace of mind that you're protected with our ultimate liability insurance coverage.

Your initial quote is complimentary, so you have nothing to lose by calling Cincinnati Tree Trimming & Removal Service today. Make your property into what it's meant to be with our qualified arborists in Cincinnati working for you.

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Family Owned and Operated - We put the customer first!

Advanced Cincinnati Tree Services Ensure Happy Trees!

Are you questioning what the best tree service in Cincinnati, OH is for your location? Our honest tree experts will share with you what our highly-trained eyes can see, and then you can select what's best for your preference and budget.

Quick Tree Removal

Have you come to the conclusion thattree removal in Cincinnati is your ideal way to improve your landscape? Our qualified tree experts work quickly to get everything cleared out. 

Excellence in Tree Care

If you have a tree on your property that you love, but it's not doing so well, then you could benefit from tree care like tree disease treatments or pest control. It will come back bigger and better than ever!

Land Clearing in Cincinnati

The first step to building any structure is an adequate land clearing in Cincinnati, OH. We have the heavy-duty equipment, dedicated workforce, and advanced methods.
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How Our Tree Service in Cincinnati Works

Wouldn't it be great to have a clear picture in your mind of what to anticipate from your local tree service company in Cincinnati? We keep you from having to guess by outlining our strategies upfront in our tree removal process.

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Life gets crazy sometimes, and you can't always imagine where a tree service will fit in. Talk with our friendly staff about what works for you, and we will schedule a tree removal estimate around your schedule. We even offer virtual estimates now to make things even more convenient.
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Before someone else tells you otherwise, tree removal isn't the only option. You might think that there's no hope for the shrub in your landscaping, but we have alternatives. Sometimes a simple tree disease treatment or tree injections will bring it back to life. Our arborist will consult with you about ALL the possibilities.
Step 3


Part of the tree service estimate will be when we present you with a price list. We know that not everyone's financial situation is the same, and sometimes you have to stick with what you can afford at the time. There's no obligation with our quotes, giving you ample time to review everything before finalizing a plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Service in Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you a little worried about the tree service in Cincinnati that you have coming up? We all fret about the unknown, but our arborists want to help put you at ease. Here are some frequently asked questions with competent answers to help you relax. Can't find your question here? Visit our tree service blog for additional information.

How much does it cost to trim a big tree?

A large tree, like a red oak or pine tree, can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. Other big trees, such as crab apple trees, generally range in price from $150 to $875 to trim. Get a personalized assessment and FREE quote customized to your tree removal in Cincinnati by calling our office.

Is it cheaper to trim a tree or cut it down?

The answer will be dependent on the sizes of trees you're talking about. Small trees cost less to rip out than a large tree. However, it's cheaper to trim a large tree than it would be to eradicate it. Other factors to consider include where the tree is located, how easy it is to access, and what time of the year it is.

Does insurance pay for tree removal services in Cincinnati?

Some homeowner's insurance policies do cover tree services in Cincinnati. You can most commonly receive up to $500 for one tree or up to $1,000 for an entire tree removal project. We are willing to go over your policy with you to help determine what you have at your disposal.

Our Complete List of Tree Removal Services

Tree service in Cincinnati isn't just removing every tree that stands in our way. We do a thorough evaluation and layout all of your choices. Dive deeper into our Cincinnati tree removal services, and then call for your complimentary quote.

Cincinnati Tree Cutting by the Safest Tree Contractors in the State

Tree cutting in Cincinnati can mean a plethora of things. It can be tree pruning, tree shaping, or cutting off limbs and branches. Our crew will examine your tree, it's health, and where it's located before suggesting what's going to help your tree develop the best structure.

Whether you're looking to maintain a safe distance from a building or between other trees, we will create a solution that you'll be satisfied with. Call our tree surgeons now to learn more!
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tree cutting service in Cincinnati OH
roots exposed during tree root removal service in Cincinnati

Complete Tree Root Removal in Cincinnati, OH Protects Your Property for the Long Term

After a tree has been cut down, the tree root removal in Cincinnati is the next task to face. The roots aren't going to grow anymore, so there's no reason to leave them behind. Our machines and attention to detail will remove every root so they can't cause future issues.

If you have roots growing out of the ground or, worse, into your home's foundation, you can't afford to wait to have this essential tree service in Cincinnati done today!
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Limb & Branch Removal - Our Attentive Tree Experts Won't Leave a Single Branch Behind

Limbs and branches don't always grow perfectly how you want them to. Limb and branch removal in Cincinnati is one of the projects that our expert tree contractors will do swiftly with safety in mind. We cut away the limbs and branches that aren't helping the tree structure and then chip them up for a thorough clean of your property.

Don't waste your weekend on an unsteady ladder trying to chop away dead branches. Call our tree company in Cincinnati, and we will get you on the schedule right away! Instantly improve your tree health by removing branches.
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removing limbs and branches - tree service in Cincinnati OH
stump before stump removal service in Cincinnati

Are You Tired of Looking at Stubborn Stump? Call Us for a FAST Stump Removal in Cincinnati!

We have various levels of stump grinding and stump removal in Cincinnati available for our clients. You let us know what you're budget is and what you desire for an end result, and we will match you up with the tree service that suits both.

You may want the stump ground to just below the surface and left like that because it's reasonable in price and good enough for you. Another choice is complete stump removal in Cincinnati. It's a little more expensive, but you'll never have to deal with it again. 

The choice is yours for your tree stumps. Let's discuss the multitude of options today for tree service in Cincinnati, OH!


Shrub Removal in Cincinnati & Shrub Trimming - Increase Your Property Value Fast!

You planted your landscaping, or it was at your property when you moved in, and now you need shrub trimming in Cincinnati to keep it fresh and eye-catching. It's a job that not every homeowner can or wants to do. We keep our prices reasonable so that you can have the incredible curb appeal you want without wasting time or money.

Our tree experts will give you a detailed plan of what we're going to do ahead of time. Then, if something doesn't suit your visions, let us know before we cut. Call, text, email, or fill out the online quote form now to get started.
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land clearing at commercial location in Cincinnati

Commercial Tree Services including Land Clearing in Cincinnati on Your Schedule

Keeping a business running is enough work for anyone, and commercial tree service in Cincinnati, OH generally isn't in the job description. Thankfully, our crew has extensive training and equipment required to keep up with all business location tree service demands.

We will make your property more inviting with tree trimming, tree pruning, and shrub trimming, or we can help get your new construction started with a complete land clearing. Whatever you need, leave it in the hands of our trusty professionals.


Call for Expert Tree Service - Cincinnati, OH & Nearby Areas

Our tree service company is working hard to give every person in the Northern Ohio region the expert tree care and tree removal services they're searching for. We're happy to visit your nearby location to start you off with a FREE quote!

With our well-maintained equipment, educated arborists, and fast response times, you can rest assured you're getting the best tree services in Cincinnati, OH. Call now for the specifics!

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Reveal the gorgeous surroundings that you've been taking for granted with assistance from a team of tree care experts in Cincinnati that's passionate about nature. Fair Rates. Fully licensed & Insured. Call us at (513) 283-0900
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