Tree Root Removal for Cincinnati Property Owners

The Tree Root Removal Process is Easy for Us!

Have you ever tried to do tree root removal in Cincinnati before? It's certainly not as easy as it sounds. If the tree is already gone, most assume you can just reach in and rip out the roots. However, there's much more to it than that. Trust that Cincinnati Tree Removal Service knows the methods, and we can get in and out with your unwanted roots in tow faster than anyone could do alone.

First, we dig around the tree stump if there is still one in place to get as many of the roots exposed as possible. Then, we utilize our heavy-duty chainsaws, clippers, handsaws, and loopers to get as much of the roots as possible. Finally, we pull the stump out, and the roots come with it. The process is slightly different if there's no stump, but the results are always the same. Perfect!

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tree root removal in Cincinnati
cutting tree roots in Cincinnati

Understanding the Benefits of Tree Root Removal in Cincinnati

When you can't see them, you wonder why you would want to pay the cost of tree root removal in Cincinnati. The thing with tree roots is that they can become a nuisance over time. If you leave them in the ground, eventually, the earth will erode around the roots exposing them. Then, you need to be careful about tripping over them, or you need to figure out a way to get rid of them.

There are so many benefits to tree root removal right away, and here are a few to give you a better understanding:

  • Avoid dangerous walking situations
  • Prevents damages to home foundations
  • Keep roots from interfering with cables and pipes underground
  • Improve the look of the property

The cost of tree root removal is minor, considering what you could be dealing with if you avoid the situation. First, visit our blog for some helpful information about all of our tree removal services. Then, reach out to have your questions answered by our pros.

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Get Rid of the Headache with Fast Root Removal Today!

What's the rush with root removal? By leaving a stump and tree in place after the tree is gone, you are putting your property at risk for things like tree disease and pest infestations spreading to other trees on the property. In addition, as we mentioned, the longer you let them grow, the more damage they can cause.

Tree roots are on the constant hunt for moisture, and that can cause them to grow in obscure and inconvenient locations. They don't care if there's a house in their path. The roots simply want nutrients to continue to grow.

We will identify your root problem first. Do you see them growing on the ground surface? Are there roots under the foundation? Do you see bucking and cracking in your driveway or sidewalk because of roots? There can be plenty of root problems, and we're the company to help you with the solution!

Schedule a free assessment at your convenience. We are eager to work with you!

removing tree roots in Cincinnati
tree root removal company in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tree Trimming & Removal Service is Who to Call

Cincinnati Tree Removal Service has what it takes when you need help cutting tree roots in your lawn in Cincinnati. Our contractors have worked on some of the most challenging jobs, and there's nothing that you can put in front of our experts that would "stump" them.

In addition, we have everything you want out of a tree removal company!

  • Fast, affordable, efficient services
  • Highly-skilled, SAFE, tree removal professionals
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Decades of experience
  • A satisfaction GUARANTEE included with every job!

Are you ready to meet with our professionals? We're always here. Even if you have a tree removal emergency in the middle of the night, you can call on our specialists.



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"We hired Cincinnati Tree Trimming & Removal Service to do some tree cleanup and removal and they certainly outdid themselves. The quote they gave us was affordable. Plus, the crew completed the job in three hours with stellar results. We will definitely use them again in the future! Thanks again!"
- Michelle B.

Tree Root Removal in Cincinnati is Only One of Our Excellent Services

When you look around your property, it's evident that the need for a trusted, affordable, and friendly tree service company is there. While you may not need professionals to help with some of your landscaping and certainly not every day, there are times when you'll only be able to get through the project in front of you with the assistance of an expert. Cincinnati Tree Trimming & Removal Service has the equipment, methods, and crew of tree experts to help you with even the most challenging removal service tasks.

Instead of dealing with unsightly, dead, fallen, or dangerous trees, let us clear them out for you. From expert tree and stump removal services to lot clearing, we will go above and beyond to finish the job right. Start with a FREE estimate by calling, emailing, or filling out the convenient online quote form today!

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Tree care, tree removal, and tree cutting are just the beginning for our highly-trained tree experts. Find out what's possible for your property and landscape by consulting with our crew today! 
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